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About The Tic Shop

The Tic Shop it's a online shop belongs to VertixOn Group.

VertixOn Group team, boasts a broad professional experience in information and communication technologies, electronic safety, home automation and Corporate Design.

Based on solid strategic partnerships, and in a team characterized by its dynamism and reputation, VertixOn Group combines creativity and professionalism as resources to the demands of their customers, creating, tracking and enhancing the quality of its communication and image.

The commitment and experience which remains permanently up-to-date, confer on VertixOn Group the attributes required to face new challenges, overcome obstacles and provide exemplary solutions to increase the success of your company.

We differ by our quality, focusing on training, so we formed a team of high competence of engineers, technicians, designers, consultants and Advisors, with training and upgrading.

Because we've started like a family business and the family has growth we had to change of headquarters installations into Marbella, Spain's international core business capital, that's the most international city of the country and it constitutes its economic and finance centre and a major one in Europe. Now we can enjoy of a 800 sqm area with 21 private offices, one large meeting room for 16 persons a private garden for organize some presentations and events. It was a good investment for VertixOn Group as a company as well to our team staff.

Our Mission

Gain total satisfaction and loyalty of our clients, through analysis and advice of its real needs, projecting, producing and performing solutions, according to criteria of high quality factors balance, price and functionality. Ensure the expectations of our customers, combining technologies and solutions from leading companies in technology, resulting in a unique and efficient solutions.

Watch and maintain, through a specialized and continuous support 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, our customers, by:

  • Call service (isolated) intervention;
  • Preventive maintenance contracts and Corrective;
  • Technical assistance contracts;
  • Pack hours.
  • The constant technological promoted by the need to develop unique solutions and efficient, for transmitting information to the most varied levels, makes clear the merger between the world of voice, data and video challenge to which we are able, with the most complete and advanced Communications solutions.


As admirers of technology, we are strong in deepening of technology and the benefits that this can bring. Not as an end in itself, but as a way to help our customers.

Creative and Enterprising, adopt a flexible attitude in availability and suitability, both internally and externally. We will all benefit from the ideas, innovation, energy and enthusiasm of a dynamic company, growing and prosperous will act with integrity and honesty, in an envelope of honesty towards our clients and between nodes. We believe in total transparency and mutual trust as one of our values innovation, we always face specific responses to particular problems, integrating often diverse technologies and skills in a single performance obtaining mutual income because of the conclusion of successful partnerships with prestigious brands at national and international level, making this the best and most reliable solutions.

Our employees participate frequently in training, ensuring the progressive renewal of their knowledge, in more advanced areas of the vast world of communications, ensuring complete satisfaction of our customers requirements, with the most advanced solutions.

All to ensure the success of the projects in which we engage.

Our goals are your objectives. We are relying on technology and we contribute proactively for the quality of life and professional progress of all our stakeholders.

To all of you, from all of us at The Tic Shop Store - Thank you and Happy eCommerce!

Joao Sousa
CEO from VertixOn Group

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